Functional Spaces for Sleep and Play in Children’s Rooms

There comes a time when it becomes clear that children, who have comfortably shared all available accommodation for years, would be happier in separate rooms. Even children of the same gender may differ enough in personality, interests and habits to become very tired of sharing.

So at this stage, provide them with bed-sitters, so that they can do their own thing in the privacy of their own room.

The best way to prevent yourself from constant worry as to the whereabouts of your older children is to make it easy for them to bring their friends home. This means arranging for conditions in which they don’t have to make conversation with you all the time, so a room that isn’t just a bedroom is all-desirable.

The bed will have to serve as the sofa/lounging area for entertainment pur­poses, and the bedcovers or counterpanes will come in for some hard wear. A spare bed (perhaps a stacking one) is a good idea to put up friends from far afield; it is one of the delights of bigger girls to have someone to stay and to giggle with.

Bedroom-type storage should, if pos­sible, be unobtrusive, although a lot of hanging space is usually needed. Storage for smaller things could be kept low and include a surface for doing homework. Perhaps you could run a counter-height surface all along the wall and provide simple storage facilities underneath, such as a low chest of drawers, and something like a simple office filing cabinet for hobbies that need space, like stamp collecting or dressmaking.

By the time that children have reached the bed-sitter stage, they will have a taste of their own. It may be frightful, but it must be considered; to ban everything that you don’t consider impeccable does not guarantee that they’ll grow up with faultless tastes of their own; they’re that much more likely to rebel against yours as soon as they have the opportunity.

It is also useless to expect your chil­dren to have the same feelings about neatness as you have. So don’t blanch at displays of whatever they collect – just keep the door shut and realize that a tidy room is far more unnatural to most young people than an untidy one. Messiness, in any case, is a passing phase, and provided that there is enough storage space, strewn floors and heaped chairs will miraculously clear – in time. All you need is patience and understanding.

What to Look For When Designing a Baby Room

Not a few people are still forgetting the fundamental functions of the baby’s room, so much attention to the decorative elements in the room. Instead, talk baby’s room only unsightly but also must consider the following points.

Placement of Windows
Natural air is very good for children. Placement of windows in a room can affect the level of humidity and temperature of the room. To that end, consider the direction of the incoming sunlight into the room and adjust the placement of windows. Do not let the sunlight in. excessive or deficient. In addition, notice that there are street lights to illuminate not directly into the room. With a good window placement can also maximize the air and the wind that comes into the room, so the room feels fresh.

Cartoon characters
inevitably, the child’s room is often decorated with various cartoon characters. Instead, a cartoon character images are only applicable for room accessories such as lamps, dolls, decorative hangers, sheet or bed cover, and not on the overall theme of the room is painted on the wallpaper or wall. If necessary renewal, you just replace the parts. Costs incurred would be less expensive than replacing the need to remove the wallpaper or paint the whole wall.

In infancy, may only need a small cabinet to store a variety of needs. But think for a few years, when children have started big and has lots of toys and stuff. For that, use a closet big enough and keep the rest of the rooms have space to store a variety of purposes.

You can use wall shelves, to store items as well as decorative elements in the room, by arranging a variety of toys, dolls or children’s books on the shelves. Carpet floors are often the sweetener floor element which can provide an element of comfort and warmth. Use a carpet that is easy to clean washable clan, given the dust and dirt can be nested beneath the fur rug which can damage the health of children.